Risk Management Assessments

Risk Management & Site Survey Assessments


Many carriers may require a business risk and field (job site) assessment of your company’s risk management practices and protocols to mitigate potential liability claims. The review assessment may take up to two hours or more, depending upon the preparation; however, our consultant will stay as long as needed to discuss any and all of the risk management questions that may arise. Please note that the job-site survey is designed to cover potential issues relevant to general liability insurance, and does not affect or replace any work or services provided by third-party quality control or construction inspection services.

Assessment Topics

Business Protocols

  • Corporate history and project details
  • Project ownership structure/job site supervision
  • Claims history
  • Local right-to-repair laws compliance (per state requirements)
  • Risk transfer procedures and contract language
    • OSHA compliance, contract language and documentation
  • Subcontractor protocols and vetting process
  • Experience with “wrap-up” insurance programs
    • Enrollment process per carrier policy exclusions
    • Insurance and indemnity language (per state requirements)
    • Document retention
    • Certificate tracking as per carrier requirements
  • Document retention protocols
  • Customer service program/warranties, and Homeowner and HOA protocols and turnover process (including maintenance manuals)

Site safety – Liability Protocols

  • Corporate and subcontractor safety programs
    • Understand potential for litigation as it pertains to the liability exposures at project site(s)
    • Attractive nuisances
    • Awareness of overall OSHA regulations
    • OSHA Compliance
    • Site Liability – multi-employer site obligations
      • Scaffolding, fall protection, hazardous communication, fire, housekeeping, signage

Assessment Findings

Our consultant will prepare a report based upon the requirement of the carrier. Our report format allows our consultant to include any special information or circumstances that may not fit exactly within the categories. After the report is generated from our office, you and the carrier will receive a copy of it.

  • í A key role of Paladin Risk Management will be to work with both parties to ensure that many of the missing or needed information will be provided to become compliant with the review recommendations and carrier requirements. (New Prime, Subcontract or Purchase and Sales Agreements are not provided; however they are reviewed and critical insurance, indemnity, safety template information and appropriate SB800 or local right to repair information and template language is provided).

Meeting Participants

Our office review process requires an in-person interview with the key personnel assigned to each task related to the areas noted above. If there is a separate general contractor, we need both the owner (selling entity) and general contractor present to answer any questions. If this presents any issues, please contact us so that we can discuss how we can best obtain the information