Site Safety Liability Inspection

Site Safety
Liability Inspection

Site Safety Liability Inspection

Paladin will direct the performance of a Site Safety Liability Inspection(s). The Site Safety Liability Inspection is designed to cover potential issues relevant to general liability insurance. Paladin will conduct an inspection during the projects framing stage or vertical support phase.

The items reviewed and inspected during the Site Safety Liability Inspection generally include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Corporate and subcontractor safety programs
  • Survey of the general contractor’s understanding of potential litigation as it pertains to the liability exposure at the project site(s)
  • Attractive nuisances
  • Awareness of overall OSHA regulation
  • OSHA compliance
  • Site liability as it pertains to scaffolding, fall protection, fencing, housekeeping, hazardous communication, proper safety signage and fire protection

Upon completion of the Site Safety Liability Inspection, a report based on the requirements of the insurance carrier will be generated. A copy of the report will be provided to the insurance carrier and the client.