Insurance Certificate Tracking


“Corrective” Insurance Certificate Tracking

Allow our teams of experts to relieve your organization’s time consuming administration and responsibility of managing certificates of insurance. Certificate Tracking is a service offered by Paladin Risk Management where-by we handle requests, obtain reviews and store Insurance Certificates, endorsements and waivers from the subcontractors as required by the project’s subcontract documents.


Paladin verifies the Insurance Certificates’ compliance with the Subcontractor Agreement’s insurance requirements:

  • Insurance coverage types
  • Coverage limits
  • Coverage expiration dates
  • Certificate holder wording
  • Additional Insured language & endorsements
  • Waivers of subrogation
  • Insurance carrier financial strength and stability at the time of submission

Collection of Certificates

Paladin Risk Management will perform a predetermined amount of requests, based on the client’s needs, to obtain the subcontractor’s or tenant’s insurance certificate and supporting endorsements.

Status Notification

Paladin will automatically send out to the project participants, tenants, and non-enrolled trades these letters, as needed:

  • Request for Certificate
  • Renewal Notifications
  • Cancellation Notifications
  • Non-Compliant Certificates


Pressing compliance issues with the subcontractors or any documents submitted by or received from the subcontractor will be immediately communicated with the GC/Owner.


Insurance Certificates (compliant and non-compliant) submitted to and received by Paladin will be uploaded to Paladin’s web portal for viewing within 48 hours of receipt from the trades.

Paladin’s project system tracks outstanding issues with the subcontractor’s required Insurance Certificates. The system will be accessible to the Owner & GC in real time that is password protected.


To view a sample wrap project on the Paladin Wrap Web Portal, please click on the following link to the site below:

Click here to view a sample wrap project

Sample View of Certificate Tracking Web Portal Screen