Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program

Paladin Risk Management is proud to offer a new approach to builder quality assurance.

Paladin QA will provide third-party quality assurance services that are efficient and effective in mitigating construction risk for qualified clients.

Qualified Peer Review

A review of project Plans to:

  • Clarify Plan Details and Address Claims Triggers
  • Generate Mapped Inspection Checklists

Inspection Programs

Options include:

  • Self-Inspection using Builder Assist ™ platform with accountable oversight
  • Full-service Inspections managed by industry partners

Reporting Functions

Constantly available reports:

  • Inspection/Audit results
  • Correction closure systems
  • Escalation protocols
  • Automated project updates

For more information contact Lance Pagel at 916-759-3344 or email Lance at lance@PaladinRiskManagement.com


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