Wrap Administration



Paladin Risk Management has the experience to provide the Controlled Insurance Administration (Wrap-Up) management for any of your insurance program needs.

We provide:

  • A wrap up administration and process insurance program orientation to the insured/developer and general contractor to understand how the wrap up insurance program will work.
  • Administration Services
    • Paladin will prepare the insurance program bid documentation based upon key decisions discussed with the insured/developer and general contractor during the orientation session
    • Paladin will review the Prime and Subcontract Agreements and provide if applicable, an addendum with the appropriate modified indemnification and insurance language
    • With the provided list of the trades/participants that will be performing work on the project, Paladin will review if the trades should be enrolled in the wrap up program and enter the participant’s contact information into the on-line wrap website enrollment database
      • Wrap Enrollment Certificates will be provided to all appropriate participants including copies for the: insured, general contractor and insurance broker if required.
    • Paladin will provide a Wrap Up Insurance Manual to be distributed to the trades by the developer /general contractor at the time of the trade’s contract signing
    • Paladin will provide a close-out of the project per the carrier’s requirements and provide appropriate documentation to; insured, developer and insurance broker

Orientation Training Session

As part of the wrap-up administration services, Paladin Risk Management begins with a Wrap-up Orientation training session with the building team, including the General Contractor (if different from the developer). At the orientation training, an in-depth presentation of the basics of a Wrap-up program and process is provided. Key decisions regarding; disclosure of the Wrap-up program to the subcontractors and participants, bidding methods and possible premium bid credits and various options regarding the SIR/deductible allocation of the wrap insurance and insurance requirements outside the wrap are addressed.

Bidding & Contracting Documentation

After the Orientation meeting, Paladin Risk Management’s Wrap-up Legal Specialists begin to work on the building team’s contract addendum language and properly reflect the Wrap-up program to the project’s contractors, identify any SIR/deductible exposures that the building team may be passing on to the subcontractors, address any subcontractor/sub tier enrollment obligations and ensure that all obligation and requirements are understood; if the project is a residential project in California, compliance with AB2738 criteria is important. We also provide the documentation for the bid packages to inform the subcontractors of their obligations under this type of insurance program; bid letter, subcontractor certificate of insurance guide, the subcontractor insurance manual that informs and provides information to the subcontractors on how to report claims under the Wrap-up, to whom claims or other Wrap-up questions should be directed, information about the policy, and the obligations that need to be disclosed to the subcontractors pertaining to allocation of the insurance premium and their possible share of the deductible or SIR exposure. Paladin Risk Management also provides

Notification of Subcontractors & Enrollment Process

As the builder awards contracts to each sub that will be working in the project, they notify Paladin Risk Management’s Wrap-up Administration Department and Paladin Risk Management will input the names into the wrap-up program through a web based interface and passwords provided for viewing. A reduced fee can be arranged if the insured or general contractor has the staffing to enter the subcontractor data. Paladin Risk Management’s Wrap-up Department then issues an Enrollment Certificate to the sub once it is confirmed that no wrap-up exclusions apply to this particular type of work per the policy form. Enrollment includes providing the subcontractor with a certificate of enrollment as evidence that they have been enrolled under the program.

Sample Wrap Project

To view a sample wrap project on the Paladin Wrap Web Portal, please click on the following link to the site below:

Click here to view a sample wrap project

Although the certificates of enrollment are available from the web portal, Paladin typically provide the insured, general contractor and wrap-up insurance broker with a copy of the enrollment certificate.

Project Closing/Expiration of the Policy

At the expiration of the policy and/or completion of the project’s construction, Paladin Risk Management provides a complete list of the subcontractors that have been enrolled or opted out of the wrap-up program to the Carrier for their records and a copy will be provided to the insured and the retail broker. Carriers rely on the enrollment records from Paladin Risk Management in order to confirm which participants are considered covered under the wrap-up policy if a claim should occur. Additional documentation is provided to the carrier so that future claim costs may be reduced when investigating a potential claim during the statute of limitations for the project. This information is also retained by Paladin Risk Management beyond the life of the project.