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Paladin Risk Management are experienced wrap administrators and risk management professionals

Wrap Administration

Paladin Risk Management has the experience to provide the CIP administration management for your General Liability policy.

Quality Assurance Program

Paladin Risk Management QA will provide third-party quality assurance services that are efficient and effective in mitigating construction risk for qualified clients.

Insurance Certificate Tracking

Allow our teams of experts to relieve your organization’s time consuming administration and responsibility of managing certificates of insurance. Certificate Tracking is a service offered by Paladin Risk Management where-by we handle requests, obtain reviews and store Insurance Certificates, endorsements and waivers from the subcontractors as required by the project’s subcontract documents.

Risk Management

Paladin Risk Management are experienced management professionals who assist insureds, brokers, and carriers to reduce potential losses and costly litigation by the management of pre and post-loss activities.

Site Safety Liability Inspection

Paladin will direct the performance of a Site Safety Liability Inspection(s). The Site Safety Liability Inspection is designed to cover potential issues relevant to general liability insurance. Paladin will conduct an inspection during the projects framing stage or vertical support phase.

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